Woodhouse Christmas Bird Count (December 2019)

Woodhouse Christmas Bird Count (December 2019)

Report by Adam Timpf


American Goldfinch, Winter (Photo by Larry Monczka)

These are the results of the 33rd Woodhouse CBC held on Sunday, December 15th, 2019. The Woodhouse CBC is centred seven kilometres east of Simcoe, at the crossroads of Highway 3 and Cockshutt Road at Renton in Norfolk County and roughly covers from Port Dover to Waterford and just west of Simcoe to east of Jarvis.

First of all, let me thank all 45 participants for spending their time and energy and contributing important data to this count. It wouldn’t be possible without you and I hope I can count on you all again next December. Also, let me thank the NFN for sponsoring the count and to my mom Tresa for putting on a delicious wrap-up dinner at her house. Nourishment is always needed after a full day in the field!

Weather: The weather this year was relatively good, considering the day before was a wet and soggy mess. Temperatures started out around 0 with some light snow, and the wind was mostly calm or light from the northeast. The lack of precipitation made for comfortable birding conditions, but the lack of snow cover made it tricky to find the birds and observers had to work for every bird they counted.

Total Species: 84 with no additional Count Week species (average for the last 33 years = 82; average for the last 10 years = 86)

Hooded Mergansers (Photo by Diane Salter)

Total Individuals: 14,555 (average for the last 33 years = 25,575, average for the last 10 years = 21,745)

Number of participants: 45

The relatively low total number of individual birds seems to be a theme for many of the bird counts in Southern Ontario this year. Weather is likely the main culprit as perhaps the cold snap in November helped incentivize more birds to migrate south of the province this year. Also, the lack of snow cover means that birds are not concentrated near open water or roadsides and feeders looking for food. We can only count what we can find!



RECORD HIGH: (previous high)
Common Raven             3            (2)
Brown Creeper             21          (18)
Winter Wren                12          (10)

RECORD LOW: (previous low)
European Starling   532      (740)
Rough-legged Hawk       1          (3)

Mute Swan          1st year missed since 2001

Cackling Goose   20  (2nd highest count)
Peregrine Falcon  2  (3rd time on count, ties previous high)
Golden Eagle         1 (3rd time on count)
Eastern Phoebe    1  (5th time on count)
American Green-winged Teal        2  (8th time on count)
Fox Sparrow        1  (9th time on count)
Turkey Vulture    1  (10th time on count)
Wood Duck           1  (11th year on count)
Hermit Thrush     1  (12th time on count)


Horned Grebe                         2
Great Blue Heron                   3
Turkey Vulture                        1
Tundra Swan                          10
Canada Goose                    4170
Cackling Goose                      20
Wood Duck                               1
Mallard                                1555
American Black Duck           62
Gadwall                                     5
Northern Pintail                      5
Am. Green-winged Teal         2
Redhead                                338
Greater Scaup                         75
Lesser Scaup                         435
Common Goldeneye              55
Bufflehead                               78
Hooded Merganser                 15
Common Merganser            136
Red-breasted Merganser         1262
Ruddy Duck                             2
Bald Eagle                                16
Northern Harrier                     6
Sharp-shinned Hawk              4
Cooper’s Hawk                          7
Red-tailed Hawk                    111
Rough-legged Hawk                 1
Golden Eagle                             1
Peregrine Falcon                      2
American Kestrel                    13
Merlin                                         1
Ring-necked Pheasant            2
Wild Turkey                             77
Bonaparte’s Gull                     58
Ring-billed Gull                     140
Herring Gull                            112
Great Black-backed Gull          3
Rock Pigeon                           525
Mourning Dove                      613
Eastern Screech-Owl                4
Great Horned Owl                     1
Belted Kingfisher                      3
Red-bellied Woodpecker        41
Downy Woodpecker                87
Hairy Woodpecker                   17
Yellow-shafted Flicker             10
Pileated Woodpecker                 1
Eastern Phoebe                           1
Northern Shrike                         2
Blue Jay                                   336
American Crow                      655
Common Raven                         3
Horned Lark                           106
Black-capped Chickadee      289
Red-breasted Nuthatch           10
White-breasted Nuthatch       51
Brown Creeper                          21
Carolina Wren                            9
Winter Wren                             12
Golden-crowned Kinglet        57
Eastern Bluebird                     44
Hermit Thrush                           1
American Robin                       14
Northern Mockingbird             1
European Starling                 532
Cedar Waxwing                         11
Myrtle Warbler                           7
American Tree Sparrow       187
Chipping Sparrow                     3
Field Sparrow                            3
Song Sparrow                          37
Swamp Sparrow                      11
White-throated Sparrow       19
White-crowned Sparrow       16
Slate-colored Junco            804
Northern Cardinal               184
Red-winged Blackbird             1
Rusty Blackbird                        4
Brown-headed Cowbird          5
House Finch                           141
Pine Siskin                                  7
American Goldfinch             258
House Sparrow                      594 Total                                       84 Sp
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