2020 Christmas Bird Count – Fisherville

2020 Christmas Bird Count – Fisherville

(Feature photo, above: Tundra Swans, photo by Diane Salter)
Report by Linda Thrower, Compiler

Hooded Mergansers (Photo by Len Grincevicius)

As a compiler I was lucky enough to have a Christmas Bird Count this year. A lot of people had to do double duty and cover more than one square to say this count was covered. So, with a lot of co-operation from the birders and the weather the Fisherville CBC was held on December 28th, 2020.

It had snowed for Christmas which a lot of parents and Santa were glad to see. The luck continued with enough warmer temperatures and rain to take away all of that snow by the 28th. But luck can only go so far and once again the winds picked up just enough to send all of the smaller species of birds and even some of the larger ones into hiding. So, once again, those out counting birds were doing a lot more searching than counting. Records always have highs and lows no matter what the weather and here they are.

  • Pied –billied Grebe – 1 counted this year, the same as the last time this species was on the count in 2011.
  • Horned Grebe – back on the count with 76 being seen last year and only 4 found this count.
  • Double-crested Comorant – this count the number was 2 and in 2012 5 were counted.
  • Snow Geese –in 2016, 5 were counted in 2020, 2 were found.
  • Tundra Swans – in 2016, 79 were spotted; this year 91 were seen.
  • Ruddy Ducks – in 2016, 3 were counted; this count 1 was spotted.
  • Bald Eagle – they did not care for the weather and they came in with their lowest number since 2006 when 2 were seen. This count they are up one.
  • Golden Eagle – is back in square 4 for the second time; also seen in square 3 in 2016.
  • Northern Harrier – has its lowest number since 1989 with only 5 counted.
  • Rough-legged Hawk – lowest number since 2006 when 6 were also counted.
  • American Kestrel – highest number since 2005 when 44 were counted. This year was 41.
  • Ravens have their highest number since 1989. Four were counted in 2017 and 2019. This count 6 were spotted.
  • White-winged Crossbills – have the highest number since 2008 when 1650 were counted. None until this year when 15 were seen.
  • Redpolls – have a high number with 338 this year. In 1993 857 were seen.
  • Pine Siskins – have the highest number since 2008 when 26 were counted. This year 11 were seen.

Here is the rest of the data:

Weather: 3oC, 30 km winds out of the south-west; light rain in the morning, late afternoon sleet; cloud cover 70%. Water was open.

Cardinal (photo by Jan Grincevicius)

Now all the birders who were nice enough to be out counting the birds, pandemic or not:
Pam Arthur           Beth Powell
Cody Bassindale   Bill Read
Judy Boone           Jennifer Rogers
Mike Boone          Jeff Skevington
Rob Crawford       Richard Skevington
Rick Dowson        Rob Smuck
Jerry Guenther    Alan Thrower
Audrey Heagy      Linda Thrower
Barry Jones          Adam Timpf
David Okines       Matt Timpf

Thank you one and all for all your effort!

The Species Counted were as follows:

Pied-billed Grebe                    1

Horned Grebe                          4

Double-crested Cormorant      2

Great Blue Heron                    4

Snow Geese                            2

Canada Geese                    2467

Tundra Swan                         91

Gadwall                                   1

American Wigeon                   1

Am. Black Duck                 156

Mallard                                321

Mallard X Black Duck            8

Red-headed Duck                    2

Ruddy Duck                            1

Greater Scaup                      667

Lesser Scaup                       302

Long-tailed Duck                    2

Bufflehead                           147

Common Goldeneye           158

Hooded Merganser                15

Common Merganser           223

Red-breasted Merganser     169

Bald Eagle                               3

Northern Harrier                     5

Sharp-shinned Hawk               4

Cooper’s Hawk                        3

Red-tailed Hawk                   98

Rough-legged Hawk               6

Golden Eagle                          1

Am. Kestrel                           41

Peregrine Falcon                     1

Wild Turkey                          171

Bonaparte Gull                      152

Ring-billed Gull                    186

Herring Gull                            81

Gr. Black Backed Gull              2

Rock Dove                             324

Mourning Dove                     175

Eastern Screech Owl                 1

Great-horned Owl                     2

Long-eared Owl                        1

Red-bellied Woodpecker        25

Downy Woodpecker               50

Hairy Woodpecker                    6

Northern Shrike                         2

Blue Jay                                 293

American Crow                     276

Common Raven                        6

Black-capped Chickadee       198

Tufted Titmouse                      12

Red-breasted Nuthatch            11

White-breasted Nuthatch        35

Brown Creeper                          3

Carolina Wren                           4

Winter Wren                              1

Golden-crowned Kinglet           9

Eastern Bluebird                   15

Northern Mockingbird            3

American Robin                      1

European Starling             2852

Cedar Waxwing                      2

American Tree Sparrow      169

Song Sparrow                          6

Swamp Sparrow                      4

White-throated Sparrow       3

Slate-colored Junco             355

Snow Bunting                     134

Northern Cardinal               104

Red-winged Blackbird            7

Yellow-shafted Flicker           1

Brown-headed Cowbird      389

Purple Finch                            4

House Finch                        218

White-winged Crossbill        15

Common Redpoll                338

Pine Siskin                            11

American Goldfinch           170

House Sparrow                    549


Total Species                         78

Total Individuals            12,782



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